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Lola and Jenny Read-A-Long Update

Hey Friends,


Sorry for the late posting and not posting for long as Lola must have explained my friend and booktuber Wendy not need my fabulous video and skill at taking fab pics for her channel I have brought her with me to London to visit Lola it was very entertaining when she found out the blogger she was liked was our Lola she was squealing and shouting that she couldn’t believe it you just see Lola staring at her confused why she was acting like that it was really funny (Lola’s currently rolling her eyes reading what I am typing.)

Hey Guys,

Lola here just snatched the laptop of her I wasn’t confused surprised why on earth she was acting like I was famous and how she was I haven’t seen this person for 4 years she looked different anyway has Jen was mean’t to be saying Wendy wanted mine and Jen’s help my amazing short film writing and Jen’s video and taking pictures ability don’t worry we will be reading if you have me on goodreads you’ll know I may have broken the read-a-thon rule but in my defence it was Jen’s fault but now I have to hand back the laptop because she has one of my books hovered over a bin and I am scared she’ll throw it.

Hey Jenny again ignore that last comment I did do it but I wouldn’t have thrown it I’m not crawl what book was it (eye roll) Fangirl you should have seen Lola scared face priceless haha anyway to the reason we are blogging me and Lola was video reading The Notebook since I was still travelling to London and then I brought her a book lets say it’s a early birthday gift since her and my birthday are both in October anyway that’s why it’s my fault I brought her one of her favourite books in a series and she was impatient to read it but since she reached her 100 reads for her challenge book on goodreads congrats hun I thought I’d let it slide. 😉

We may be reading the Wedding by Nicholas Sparks it the second book Lola says to the notebook and we may also read Dear Jhon unike Lola I haven’t watched the movies so I will have to watch them or she’ll bug me (another eye roll from her.)

Hoped you enjoyed this post has Lola says let us know if you would like to chat have a great day until next time.


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Buddy Reading with Lola pt2

Hey Guys

Lola again yes I know expecting Jenny but she chose to go to wales and help a friend of hers how is a YouTuber and for the life of me can’t remember her name I know she commend to some of you today which really makes me wonder why she can’t do this post herself but she asked me to because her friend is doing a short film on her channel but she said she will be back in two days time.

So far we have Fangirl and I going to say to defend myself for the eye roll and she surprised i talk about it 24/7 on my blog because I am not obsessed with her works I just love the book also we have read Fall with me (wait for me, book 4) in the series which I reviewed on my blog we won’t be reading carry on well i will but she won’t because of a read-a-long her and a group of friend are doing the book is the screen play of fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

hope you enjoyed this post comment if you want to discuss anything whether it’s books you want me or Jenny to read or reviews tags etc. or have any questions. (I haven’t done pics because Jen wanted me to post it has if I was her eye roll)

Happy reading


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Hamilton Book Tag

Hey Guys,

Jenny is currently with me I am showing her how to link Marrill’s Collins because she’s very new I have been told that I am mostly blogging on her page which isn’t really true I am helping her to learn all I am doing is typing this bit next tag she will be doing the questions and typing that.

lets get our tag on. (Jenny)

The Room Where It Happens: Book world you would put yourself in?

Sherlock world I would like to have seen him solve crimes.

The Schuyler Sisters: Underrated Female Character?

Alaska from Looking for Alaska like Lola she hates Alaska she thinks that she is not a good character.

My Shot: A character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them?

(Lola) Hi Lola here me and Jen have the same answer which is Trust in me Tessa goes after Jace and wins him over even though he didn’t want to be with Tessa because of Cam.


Burn: The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read?

Jen again have no clue but Lola has loads.


You’ll Be Back: Sassiest villain?

I would like to say Ridley in Beautiful Creatures Lola may have told me to mention it but she will go into more details.


The Reynolds Pamphlet – A book with a twist that you didn’t see coming

Aein being a Fae.

Non-stop: A series you marathoned?

The fault in our starts I love it so much it’s my profile pic.


Satisfied: Favorite book with multiple POVs?

I dislike this type of book.


Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A book/series you feel like will be remembered throughout history?

Romeo and Juliet.

I’m new to blogging and I was given help how to do this so the next tag I can try to do on my own also I am sorry that you feel Lola does a lot more on this page but I am busy due to work and helping do other stuff but I am trying until next time.




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My Buddy read with Lola TBR

Hey Friends,

I want to thank you guys for following I wasn’t really sure about blogging but Lola keep bugging me so I thought if she also helps me with the blog then I am willing to the next post will be Lola’s it will be a Q and A then tomorrow we will be doing a discussion on a YA buddy read if you follow her amazing blog then you know that it is eye roll Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell is there any reason why you eye roll its due to the fact that Lola is a big fan of her works and Fangirl is her go to book she will recommend it to almost everyone I am shocked she doesn’t speak about it on her blog 24/7 .

After that we will be reading rather Carry On by Rainbow Rowell or Fall With Me which is a book in a series called Wait for me by J. Lynn I will only be in UK until December because I want to spend more time Lola and stay until we celebrate mine and her birthday but I have to go back to New York to celebrate Christmas with my extend family anyho that the only books we have discussed on reading.

Hoped you liked this post as Lola says let us know in the comment below if you’d like to chat before you asked she will be commenting with her Profile even if you ask her a question about this blog.


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Bookfandom1001’s Introduction

Hey Guys,

My name is Lola my blog is bookfandom1001 I don’t agree with Jenny I’m not a natural I am still learning even though it’s been a year since I have started Jenny asked me to do a introduction which is feels strange since this wasn’t my account but hope you like my post me and Jenny will be doing categories between our post so you know hows posting also our introductions are different,

I am a Ya and NA reader my favourite author is Rainbow Rowell my favourite works of hers are Fangirl, Carry On and Eleanor and Park before you guys ask it not all her works a Genre I never read is horror don’t no why but i am planning to start I am 18 like Jenny If it wasn’t for Jenny I wouldn’t be reading books I’ve created a few tags also Jen will be doing them on my page me and Jenny done BooksLovesJenny Q And A so I hope you check it out lots of my followers like this post so I hope you do.

we are planning to:


  1. Do tags
  2. Do reivews
  3. Do books/shows and dvds reviews
  4. Do books/shows and dvds Discussions

And other stuff I was asked by a blogger if me writing is to help her get more followers or to do her slack and it’s neither I thought it would be best if we could write on this blog together so I can help her improve and just so we can hang out more plus it helps you guys to know us better before you ask no I am not helping her to get more followers.

Let us know down below if you want to just chat and get to know us the next post will be a Q And A book style so you can get to know her more and maybe with her ideas she could help me to improve my blog and I can help to Improve hers oh and I write short stories as well also what would you like us to write about as well.


Happy reading





Hey Friends,

Jenny here me and my Bff Lola known has Bookfandom1001 will be posting posts due to the fact I travel alot and I am busy with travelling and other things so we both will be posting.

This is a book blog and may a tv show we will be discussing and reviewing be prepared Lola’s a natural so her posts will be awesome I’m going to Lola’s house so I will post then with her till then.